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Recruitment Plan

Recruiting top talent is essential to the success of any organization. But without a clear recruitment plan, your hiring process can become disorganized, time-consuming, and costly. At Ashley Leon Consulting, we understand that every company’s recruitment needs are unique. We work closely with our clients to create a customized recruitment plan that meets their goals and objectives.


Ad Review and Analysis

Effective job postings should capture your company’s culture, mission, and values while outlining qualifications. We help you craft job postings that list the skills you’re looking for and entice candidates by highlighting your unique value proposition. By highlighting what makes your organization different, you can attract candidates who are a better fit for your team and more likely to stay long-term.

Candidate Engagement

Effective communication is vital to a successful recruitment process. We prioritize keeping our candidates and clients engaged throughout the entire process. This is accomplished through consistent follow-up and progress updates. We stay in touch with you regularly to update your recruitment efforts and suggest adjustments to keep a steady flow of qualified candidates.